Whether you are a lawyer, a paralegal or other legal professional, registering to become a candidate at
Yorkson Legal may very well be the right career choice for you. We are always looking for qualified, ambitious
and enthusiastic candidates to join our team of legal professionals.


For Temporary Assignments

Temporary legal staffing is a quickly growing industry. Working independently gives you the chance to call your own shots, work your own hours, and make your own career decisions. While full time attorneys struggle with a strict law firm hierarchy, long hours, and high levels of stress, temporary attorneys are able to avoid many of the common pitfalls associated with working as a lawyer and live with greater independence. There is an increasing need for temporary attorneys and paralegals throughout the tri-state area because of the economic advantages of hiring temporary legal professionals for law firms.

You might be a retired lawyer looking to work part time. You might be trying to balance your career with your family’s growing needs. You might be fresh out of law school and looking for temporary work while you explore your options and apply for other opportunities. Whatever your unique reason, Yorkson Legal might offer you the perfect opportunity to utilize your legal skills while keeping your independence.

Please let us know if you are interested in temporary assignments only, temp-to-perm assignments only, or both types of assignments. Many companies prefer to initially hire professionals on a temporary basis with the option to covert to a full time position at a later date so that they might see how the arrangement works before making a permanent decision.

For Permanent Positions

Law firms are constantly looking for top talent and enthusiastic, motivated new hires. Lateral hiring and partner searches are common and new associates with excellent educational backgrounds are always in great demand. Instead of simply blindly sending your resume to law firms in the area, you can register with us. We carefully pair companies and law firms with potential prospects based on dozens of factors, assuring that you will go to job interviews where you will fit comfortably into the community, culture and philosophy of the firm. Don’t pass up the opportunity to let us find the perfect job match for you.

If you are currently employed and are only interested in a permanent position, please let our recruiters know. Be reassured that your resume will be handled in a confidential and careful manner.

If you have further questions or would like more information,
call us at 212-265-1400 or send an email to info@yorkson.com