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How to land the perfect job after law school

In many cities, the job market after law school can be highly competitive. However, there are many things you can do to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Here are some strategies and tips that could prove invaluable in your job search. Get the grades It might sound trite, but if you don’t … Continued

What you can expect from the legal job market in 2017

The job market has been difficult for several years, and that is especially the case for law. A specialized and highly-skilled field, it has been an attractive field of study for many students because it seems to be a path to career stability. When the legal job market declined with the rest of the economy, … Continued

What to do when you are offered more than one job

There will come a time in your life after law school when you have to apply for a job and, if you’re smart, you’ll cast a wide net and apply to as many jobs as you’re qualified for. This will lead to several interviews and hopefully a job. But what happens if you receive more … Continued

Is the legal job market improving?

The legal job market has been difficult and highly competitive for several years, with the number of eager graduates vastly outstripping the amount of available jobs. It has led to a depressing picture of life after law school, one that is causing many incoming students to question whether they are on the right path. As … Continued

What is the best legal job market for millennials?

These days the job market for new graduates from law school isn’t looking very good. Every grad wants to jump right in and pursue their dream of being a lawyer in one form or another, but the fact is that there are more graduates than there are open law jobs. However, with improvements in the … Continued

How much does a paralegal make?

Because it requires less specialized schooling than being an attorney, becoming a paralegal is an attractive option for those who want a career in law but cannot or do not want to earn a law degree. The tradeoff, of course, is that earning potential for a paralegal is different than for an attorney. To figure … Continued

Survival tips for today’s legal job market

No matter what skills or qualifications you hold, it is difficult to be a legal professional looking for work. Positions open up infrequently, and there is intense competition for available legal jobs. The key to finding a rewarding legal job is persistence – that and knowing the job market will keep you in the race … Continued

Social media tips for legal job seekers

There is no getting away from social media: in an interconnected society, not having a Facebook profile is as big a red flag to a potential employer as posting inflammatory or insulting things. Through careful curation of your social media presence, however, it is possible not just to keep your social media self out of … Continued

When should I start a job search after graduating college?

The legal job market is highly competitive, and entry level positions are hard to come by. Conventional wisdom has it that you can’t apply for a legal job until you are fully qualified, but the reality is quite different. While certain professional avenues are closed until you are fully certified, you can get a head … Continued

5 questions you should expect at your next legal job interview

Entering the interview room is always stressful, but when you know you’ll be interviewed by people trained to question witnesses in court, it’s understandable if you’re extra tense. Knowing what kind of questions to expect from your next legal interview can help you prepare, ensuring you sound cool and collected under fire. Here’s a look … Continued