Legal Staffing FAQ’s

How do you find your candidates?

As a staffing and recruiting firm focused exclusively on legal, we have the luxury of finding many of our candidates through referrals. Our philosophy is that good people know good people – and therefore a large number of our recruits come to Yorkson Legal through both our clients and candidates.

In addition to referrals, we also seek qualified candidates through web-based recruiting sites, job boards, and print advertising. All in all, we have over 250,000 qualified candidates filed in our database.

How do you match candidates with clients?

Our searchable database of candidates in the tri-state area and our dedicated staff of recruiters makes finding the right fit for your job order easy. Whether you would like to choose your staffing needs based on their law school, major, practice areas, or specific skill sets, we can find the right match for your unique needs.

Once our database narrows the field, our experienced recruiters will pull their files and make the final decisions before submitting them to you. Since we pride ourselves on familiarizing ourselves with our clients and the specifics of the job they are staffing, our knowledgeable recruiters are able to select the candidates that most closely match the specific needs of your request.

More than anything, this pairing of our extensively detailed database and our experienced recruiters make it possible for us to staff a legal job of any size in a very short amount of time.

How do you screen candidates?

Unlike other staffing services, each of our candidates is handpicked – we meet all of our candidates in person before you do. It is important to us that each candidate not only fits the quantitative qualifications of the job, but also that each candidate fits within the hiring firm’s culture and will work well as part of the firm’s team.

After each résumé is reviewed, a recruiter will conduct a basic phone interview. After a successful phone interview, the candidate is invited into our offices for an official interview. We’ve found that this triple-screening process prevents hiring mismatches and also makes it even easier for us to pair temporary or permanent staffing solutions with specific jobs and clients.

In addition to ascertaining that each candidate has strong communication skills as well as a stable work history, we also conduct background checks in order to verify references, employment history, and degrees. On request, we also routinely perform full criminal, credit, and driving record background checks.

Do we need to sign an agreement?

For temporary staffing solutions, there is a short agreement clarifying the base bill rate and overtime if any. Beyond a day-to-day pay rate agreement based on hours worked, clients do not have to commit to the continued employment of any candidate. You will though, be asked to sign a weekly timesheet to verify hours worked.

For permanent placements, there is an agreement. This contract insures confidentiality between the two firms and parses out the matter of fees, payment terms and our money-back guarantee.

What is the process if we'd like to hire a temporary worker permanently?

If you decide to hire one of our temporary candidates permanently, we are happy to take care of the details and paperwork. Typically, we will take care as much as you’d like us to: from drug testing to drawing up an offer letter, from coordinating interviews to requesting transcripts, from working with your HR department concerning benefits to assisting with negotiations.

How does the billing process work? Who is their official employer?

When we assist you in hiring a permanent employee, there is a flat fee. When we provide you with temporary staffing services, we bill you weekly. If your law firm is hired to represent another company and you wish us to bill your client directly, we would be pleased to make those accommodations.

In temporary staffing situations, we are the employer of record. We withhold their federal, state and local taxes, and pay the required social security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, disability insurance, and Worker’s Compensation.

How do we end a staffing assignment?

Ending a staffing assignment is simple: call us when you are ready and we will take care of the details. Since you are not under any contractual obligation, no notice is needed ahead of time. Although we do like to have an approximate time estimate before the start of the project, there is no commitment and we are extremely flexible, whether you need more time with our staffers or less.

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