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Here are four more benefits to using temporary legal staffing solutions:

Temporary legal staffing creates a flexible workforce.

As in many other businesses, your caseloads and projects ebb and flow throughout the year – while you may need more support during a busy time, you might need less help a few weeks later. The strategic use of temporary legal staffing allows you the convenience of a flexible workforce that can change with your needs and workload. This model also offers a viable solution for when your permanent employees go on maternity leave, vacation, or sick leave. Read More.

Temporary legal staffing makes sense for specific and time-sensitive situations.

At times, you may confront situations in which you need a very specific skill set or knowledge base. For example, we recently staffed a project that required over a dozen attorneys fluent in Korean. At other times, you may be pressed to find a lot of help fast. In these situations, we are armed and ready to bring dozens of pre-qualified attorneys and paralegals to help you in pressing and time-sensitive matters. Thousands of documents can be and reviewed in short periods of time with a larger staff and unlike permanent employees, temp workers expect to be released when the job is completed.

Temporary legal staffing saves your firm time and money.

Not only will you cut costs by paying a temporary employee by the hour instead of a fixed salary, but you will also save on benefits such as Social Security, unemployment tax, workers’ compensation, vacation pay, holiday pay, sick pay, pension plans, and health insurance, all of which are provided by your staffing firm.

Temporary legal staffing allows you to try before you buy.

Temp-to-perm conversions are one of the most successful methods of hiring new full-time employees – not only are you able to confirm that your candidate is an appropriate fit for your position, but Yorkson Legal will then assist you with the details and paperwork associated with the hiring process at reduced rates.

How do temporary lawyers compare to permanant hires?

There is the same amount of range and diversity in the pool of temporary lawyers as in permanant attorneys. Some choose to work part-time because they are recent law school graduates who are waiting for their licensing or for the right job to come along. Some choose to work part-time because they are balancing their time between raising a family and their law career. Some simply enjoy the flexible schedule.

On any given day, there are over 1,000 temporary attorneys at work in Manhattan alone.

Whatever their reason for choosing to work on a temporary basis, chances are that we can quickly find the lawyers that have the education, specific experiences, and overall credentials to fit your explicit needs.

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"My experience with Yorkson was very positive - everyone was very accommodating. They go the extra mile and get me people who are strong fits for my law firm. They are always available when I need them."

— Jeff M.